Our products are built to last using aluminium and brass giving them long life spans. When it is time to discard, the materials are easily recyclable at any metal recycling centre. This long life span makes the product more sustainable as time goes on. 


Recycling within our factory is important. That’s why all wax casts are recycled to be re-used in the next casting process. Not only this but any waste metal is reused for the next cast. On top of this all our packaging is easily recyclable as we only use cardboard and wood shavings.


At Yorkshire Foundry we work closely with other local businesses to try to maintain the shortest possible supply chains that we can. This means we source as much of our supplies from within the UK rather than importing from overseas. In turn this keeps our carbon footprint down. 


  All of this helps us to become a much more circular company. This means not using more materials than necessary, optimising our supply chain, using recycled materials as second nature, and making sure it can be recycled or reused. By doing so we reduce waste going to landfill and keep our emissions down. After all, we only have one planet!


Wabi-Sabi (侘寂)

The Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi is the philosophy of finding beauty in the imperfections of life and nature.

All our products are cast in very small batches or to order by artisan foundrymen in a small foundry at the gateway to the picturesque North York Moors. As such, occasionally, there are small, what some might call 'imperfections'.
We think this is part of the charm.