Materials and Design: 

At Yorkshire Foundry, we use durable materials. Our small, artisinal production process results in unique and charming products, even if they may have small imperfections. We believe in embracing the beauty of these imperfections rather than wasting energy and resources to achieve perfection. By minimizing the usage of our materials, we strive to be a circular company that reduces waste and emissions.

Sourcing & Sustainability: 

We prioritize working with local businesses to shorten our supply chain and reduce our carbon footprint. We believe sustainability is more than just the environment, it is in our DNA. We take our commitment to sustainability seriously and choose alloys that can withstand the elements for decades to come. We believe in the "cast to last" approach.


We've always been committed to finding the best packaging solutions possible. We believe that single-use is no use. Since we launched, we have been a committed to not using any single-use, non-degradable plastic at Yorkshire Foundry. From casting through to fulfillment, all of our products are packed in recyclable cardboard and plastic-free.


Every Yorkshire Foundry product tells the story of many pairs of hands, of skills and craftsmanship. We deliberately keep our supply chains as local as possible. This means that we aren't always choosing the cheapest supplier, but we know all our suppliers and believe that it is important to share our success with the community where we live and thrive. 

We are committed to inspiring a love of nature and protecting it together, as the planet's future is our future.

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