Why Our Door Knockers are Made from Eco-Friendly Materials and Support for the Local Economy

Why Our Door Knockers are Made from Eco-Friendly Materials and Support for the Local Economy

Yorkshire Foundry is committed to producing high-quality, sustainable, and eco-friendly products while supporting the local economy. In this post, we'll discuss the environmental benefits of using eco-friendly materials in our door knockers, the importance of prioritizing sustainability in home decor, and our efforts to promote the local economy.

Eco-Friendly Materials: Our door knockers are crafted using marine-grade, corrosion-resistant bronze alloy, a durable material that is not only built to last but also fully recyclable, reducing waste and minimising our impact on the environment.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: These products are cast by a family-owned foundry that invests in the latest technology and adopts optimal operating procedures to minimise fuel use, making the casting process more energy-efficient. By choosing eco-friendly materials, we help to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future. Our bronze alloy's production process is less energy-intensive than other materials, which helps minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

Shorter Supply Chains: We strive to ensure, as much as possible, that all our suppliers are within a 25-mile radius. This supports the environment by reducing transportation emissions and promotes the local economy by supporting nearby businesses.

Durability: The corrosion-free nature of our materials means it's better to buy once and buy well than to replace your door knocker every few years. Our knockers will last for generations, but you can change them using our interchangeable door knocker system in minutes, ensuring a fresh look without compromising on quality.

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