Yorkshire Foundry Interchangeable Handcrafted Door Knockers

If we’re honest, we all want everyone who visits our home to be left with one first impression: “Wow.” 

Understanding this desire to stand out from your neighbours and elevate your home's kerb appeal with a beautiful, artisanally handcrafted knocker that is cast to last - we create just that. 

Our hand-made door knockers are beautifully realistic with high depth and contrast that screams quality while representing taste, craftsmanship and bold elegance. 

Our Bald Eagle Door Knocker

The Bald Eagle knocker symbolises strength, freedom and resilience - a bold and honourable moniker for any proud home. 

If this is your first Yorkshire Foundry knocker, you will need to pair your order with our starter kit, which includes a head of your choice, connected to an interchangeable base. This sets up so that every new season is an opportunity to easily replace your knocker with a new iteration of our fine, handcrafted heads. 

Winter on the way? Try our Bear Head. Christmas around the corner? We’ve got a Santa Head knocker for just the occasion. 

Want to display your heads even when they’re not on the front door, as another is taking its turn? Our mount and integrated hook is an option you can pick up along the way that allows storage and display of your heads - along with keys and coats if you so choose!. 

There's a time and a place for mass-manufactured and mediocre products. We don't think that place should be the focal point of the front door to your home. We collectively share a passion for beautiful craftsmanship that homeowners can be proud of.

No matter what your choice, all our pieces are designed, cast and handcrafted in Yorkshire, England by Artisan Foundrymen on the edge of the North York Moors. 

We delight in welcoming you to the Yorkshire Foundry, which is built upon:

  • Uncompromising quality, artisanally handcrafted by our foundrymen in Yorkshire 
  • Values of honesty and authenticity reflected in our production and customer service 
  • Industry-innovating interchangeable design that allows you to vary the star of your front door between seasons 
  • 100% recyclable products and packaging, as per our respect for the environment 
  • Realistic designs engineered for wow factor