Chameleon - Interchangeable Knocker

We have been creating nature-inspired cupboard door handles from our Yorkshire home for the last two years. Perhaps inevitably, this led to requests for door knockers. Once we began to prototype and test with friends, family and customers, the ideas flooded in. They ranged from favourite wild animals and beloved pets to seasonal ideas; Santa for Christmas, a hare for Easter, and something ghoulish for Halloween. What if we could create a system that allows people to have more than one design of a door knocker, a modular concept? Oh, and could we also design something that would safely and securely hold a wreath without further damage to my door!
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Handcrafted in Yorkshire

From the outset, we wanted to keep the supply chain short and, where possible, local to Yorkshire. The heads are sculpted using digital sculpting software. The engineering elements are added digitally before it's ready to print in our state of the art, high-definition wax 3D printer. Each head is individually printed in wax, there is no other way to get that sort of detail and complex geometry into metal. That wax pattern is then put through the lost wax process and cast in Aluminium Bronze, a hard wearing copper based alloy used in the marine environment for propellors and other such marine fittings, nothing else has its longevity in these harsh conditions.

Change in under 2 minutes
This product is designed specifically to allow the heads to be changed, it's a key feature unlike all our competition. We know from experience that what you put on your front door reflects on those inside and that people change. We want you to be able to reflect your individuality through this product. Whether its having a Jack-o-lantern for Halloween or an Eagle for the 4th of July. Our continuously expanding range will offer more and more choice.
Inspired by nature 
Living in the countryside, we know and love the value nature brings to our day to day lives. Nature is all around us, and there is no better designer than nature itself.
While we have covered many of the old favourites when it comes to door knocker heads, Lions, foxes and horses to name a few. We also have seasonal door knockers to help get you in the festive spirit, whether a decorative Egg at Easter, Pumpkin for Halloween or Sugar skull design for the day of the dead Festival. We have something for every holiday. 

Built to last

All our door knockers are made using AB2, also known as Aluminium Bronze, a material commonly used in the marine industry for its fantastic wear and corrosion-resistant properties. We want you to have the confidence that we made your door knocker to survive whatever the weather throws at it and will still look amazing sitting on your door for years to come. Each component is built to last a lifetime.